What about a server Linux box?

  17/11/07 20:00, by admin, Categories: General

If you are a self-employed professional and you are serious about your own computing, you should think about relying on a Linux box to store a copy of your precious data and to access them while you are on a business trip… unless you want to buy yourself a licence for a Windows server configuration.

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What about a clever recharging mechanism for prepaid mobile plans?

  17/11/07 16:35, by admin, Categories: Phone

I hope that one day an mobile phone operator will implement some clever pre-agreed mechanism for recharging your account on prepaid mobile plans. On would consist of sending an SMS asking “OK to refill?"; you then answer OK and the amount you want. For those of use who find themselves in place without an internet connection handy, that would be very appreciated.

GSM: United Mobile and how avoid the roaming hell

  17/11/07 16:31, by admin, Categories: Phone

The problem of mobile phones, as we know them, is the “roaming” (a polite word to describe the rip-off you go against when you travel abroad with your mobile phone). The bills one gets can be quite staggering.

I found that United Mobile worked quite well for me, with a UK number starting with +44 (this prepaid plan is called United Mobile Plus or UM+; the other, older plan is based on Liechtenstein numbers). I ordered the SIM card from their web site, received it soon enough at home. I used it to call from France and Luxemburg to Switzerland and also from Lebanon, and it worked just fine.

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Communication media

  17/11/07 13:37, by admin, Categories: General

What channels would we need? We can make a list:

  • Phone: we need to be able to talk to colleagues, family members or friends; there are various channels, from traditional fixed lines to IP, including GSM and other mobile technologies.
  • E-mail: E-mail is part of our daily lives
  • Files and databases: we need to keep copies of our files, and also to keep them updated on several machines. That means, especially, synchronizing.
  • Remote control: we need to access our computers from a distance in a secure way, using the Internet.
  • Other Internet services: we may need to use, or to provide, services through the Internet, like web sites or other functions.

All these things go together, but not necessarily. For the time being, these are the categories of the web site.


  17/11/07 13:31, by admin, Categories: General

Today we can find considerable information about pieces of computer hardware and software on many sites. That is very useful, but the question for the professional on the move is quite different: how can I keep the communication with office and my home in a reliable way, at all times, and most of all, keeping the costs low? In the jungle of different equipments and programs, what is the best choice?

The solution is not, of course, a single technology or a single channel. It is a mix; he needs a consistent system of communications, rather than single technologies. And that system will need to evolve according to your needs.

This website will concentrate on open source software and generally free solutions. This can be see as an ideological choice, but it is really a common sense solution: open source solutions are free and configurable. They have a capability for interoperation that proprietary solutions do not have. Moreover, they often can be better trusted. Yet this does not exclude proprietary solutions, such as Skype. In the end, the best is what serves the purpose best.

We will also talk about mobile telephony and mobile operators. If you want to use technology to keep in touch, it is the result that counts, more than a specific technology. So we will talk about anything that can help us in that direction.

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